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so i filled a watering can and went out to water my flowers but for some reason the water wasn’t coming out of the end properly so i had a look to see if any dirt or leaves were blocking it and


i don’t know if u can see this but that is . a snail there is a snail chilling out in the end of the nozzle and i cannot water my plants because of it

excuse me sir this is not where u belong

Snails belong anywhere we please

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Because apparently comics are too high-tech for most of you people.

"but white people-" "but straight people-" "but men-"

But no.

Fun fact: “member of a majority” doesn’t mean “racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, douchebag!”


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andtakeanothername asked: As a writer sharing very personal things in a public forum, how do you deal with the inevitable jerks who put you down and try to be hurtful?


I do what any seasoned, self-assured, mature artist does.

I become defensive and lash out.